Rewards Program

Participation in our panel allows you with many ways to earn rewards and Cash stipends.

City Survey Rewards

When you complete surveys we send you, you earn City Survey Points. Over time, you can accumulate points and redeem them for any of the great merchandise available in our City Survey rewards program.

As a member of the City Research Consumer Panel panel is that you can start accumulating points right away…

  • When you sign up, we will create a CitySurvey Rewards account for you and award you an initial 200 points for taking our intake survey
  • As you complete surveys, we will deposit points into your account;
  • Once your balance is equal to or higher than the total cost of the item (gift card, backpack, cookware) you want to buy, you can complete the purchase.

Cash Stipends

We also conduct in-person research where panelists test products in their homes or at research facilities. Panelists who participate in in-home or other research in person will receive cash stipends or other compensation for their time. Participants can make anywhere from $25 to several hundred dollars for their participation on a single project.

Want to join? join our panel today!