Common Questions: Common Answers

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Can more than one member of a Household/family take a City Research Consumer Panel survey?

Yes, absolutely. However, only one person per email address can be registered as a member of the City Research Consumer Panel panel. The first person with a given email address to sign up will be registered. Any subsequent people will need to sign up using different email addresses.

Does City Research Consumer Panel charge anything for membership?

No. Membership to join City Research Consumer Panel is free of charge.

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How are participants chosen for research projects?

We choose panelists to complete surveys based on the requirements of our clients as well as demographic information provided during registration.

Who will see my information - how confidential is City Research Consumer Panel?

Only staff of City Research Consumer Panel and our clients will see your responses to survey questions. We will not sell your information to any third parties. Please review our Privacy Policy regarding confidentiality practices.

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, you need to log into your account and follow the directions stated under Unsubscribe. Please feel free to contact our office with questions concerning your account.

How does City Research Consumer Panel build, recruit, and maintain the panel?

At City Research Consumer Panel, we sustain the highest standards for panel recruitment and management enabling us to continuously provide quality feedback from consumers like you. Periodically, we will re-administer the intake survey so you can update your responses.

Who conducts the research?

See our page "About Us" to learn more about our company.

What if I am disconnected from the Internet before I finish my survey?

Unfortunately, Internet difficulty might occur from time to time, depending on your connection. To protect the integrity and security of the research conducted by City Research Consumer Panel, once you begin a survey if you become disconnected, you can rejoin the survey at the point you left off once you are reconnected with the internet.

What rewards do I get for taking a City Research Consumer Panel survey or focus group session?

See the section called Your Rewards to learn more about the prizes individuals are eligible to receive upon completion of surveys and in-person research sessions. City Research Consumer Panel has set up a rewards program for panelists. For every survey completed, individuals will receive points to count towards merchandise offered in our six possible City Survey Reward folios. Individuals who participate in focus groups will receive cash after completing a session.